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Fingerstyle Guitar/MartinTaylor

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Fingerstyle Guitar/MartinTaylor

Ever wanted to play fluid, fingerstyle guitar arrangements - dazzling friends and audiences with seamless melody, rhythm and bass lines all at once?

Now you can learn guitar directly from solo jazz guitar virtuoso Martin Taylor... at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

Get a complete HD video library of Martin’s lessons, plus tabs, notation and more
Submit practice videos and get personalized Video Exchange™ feedback from the legendary Martin Taylor
Learn by watching Martin’s exchanges with other students
Get inspiration from a worldwide community of enthusiastic players working together with Martin Taylor
Pat Metheny calls Martin Taylor "one of the most awesome solo guitar players in the history of the instrument. Absolutely inspiring and amazing."

Martin breaks down his entire approach to fingerstyle guitar on HD video — in order — from the fundamentals to the advanced. You get literally hundreds of online guitar lessons, including Martin's revolutionary "scaffolding" approach that brings scales, chording and positions together all at once in a very quick, extremely visual and musical way.

Any time you have a question, ArtistWorks’ revolutionary Video Exchange™ Accelerated Learning platform makes it easy to submit practice videos to Martin and enables Martin to respond with personalized video feedback just for you. These interactions are paired together with the other guitar lessons, forming a constantly evolving guitar lesson list. Martin even works with you to create your own arrangements of your favorite songs for solo guitar.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen