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Sounds of India Download

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Sounds of India Download

Detta är en produkt som nedladdas till din dator. Efter betalning får du serienummer och instruktioner för nedladdning. Detta levereras till din epost under dagen (vard. 11-17)

If you are looking for the evocative sound of a solo Sitar, producing Bhavageete through to Rajasthan or scoring filmi for the climatic scenes of a Bollywood blockbuster, the ‘Sounds of India’ sample library has you covered.


Listen to demos here, here and here!



By sampling 36 Indian instruments & 2 vocals (containing over 835 samples packed in 1.5Gb)
we captured the essence that is the colour and vibrancy of the sounds of India :

* DirectWave Player is free with FL Studio Fruity Edition and up.



1. Bamboo Flute
2. Basin Drum
3. Bongos
4. Chenda
5. Clarinet
6. Darbuka



7. Dholak
8. Djembe
9. Duff
10. Edakka
11. Elathalam
12. Ganjira



13. Ghungroo
14. Harmonium
15. Key Flute
16. Khartal
17. Maddalam
18. Mandolin






19. Moursing
20. Mridungam
21. Nadaswara
22. Saxophone
23. Shenai Reed
24. Sitar






25. Steel Drum
26. Surmandal
27. Tabla
28. Talam
29. Tanpura
30. Tape Drum






31.Temple Sounds
32. Thavil
33. Udu
34. Udukku
35. Veena
36. Violin



IL Downloader - Content Library and DirectWave Player needed to download and use.

The old downloads from SampleFusion have been discontinued in favor of the DirectWave Content Library.

This product is a DirectWave sample pack. DirectWave Player is free with FL Studio Fruity Edition and up. The pack can be downloaded through the Content Library or from your My Licenses section.


Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen