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MIDI QUEST 10 Win & Mac

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Product Description:

Soften your hardware!

Midi Quest 9 not only gives you all the features you would expect of a universal Editor / Librarian software, but much, much more.

Why sit and work with your MIDI instruments through a minimal LEDruta LCD or when you can use computer screen full size and get a proper insight into your MIDI instrument's full potential. Forget about 7 layers of menus and endless keystrokes to access and make the slightest change in your sound. Here you will get all the parameters of the screen, transparent and accessible. It is faster, safer and hugely more effective than working on the different instruments, front panels and often inaccessible funktioner.Midi Quest supports over 600 of the most popular instruments. You can store, organize and edit the Patches, Combinations, Multi's, Performances, Drums settings, and other data to your MIDI instruments using.

Midi Quest is unbeatable when it comes to taking advantage of each MIDI instrument-specific characteristics in terms of audio processing and organization of audio data. Characteristic Midi Quest XL redefines the way Editor / Librarian is used by direct integration into Cubase, SONAR, Cakewalk, and Guitar Studio. Midi Quest XL is the only editor / librarian that integrates directly into these programs so that you can do all of your patch editing, förlyssning, and the organization without going out of your sequencer. Not only do you work within your sequencer application environment, but you also have a complete set of automation features so your sequencer automatically sends Sysexdata at preferably in a song.

Midi Quest contains an unparalleled range of standard and advanced features such as: förlyssning with one click, hierarchical bank editing and display, support for automatic naming of tracks in Cubase, Sonar and Cakewalk.

Midi Quest is not just to make MIDI editing easier. It is a tool for you to work creatively with your MIDI instruments and use functions to build your own unique sound.

If you want to penetrate in your instrument's presets as Midi Quest gives you the key to a whole new world of sound synthesis. Creating unique and interesting sounds at once ridiculously easy. Midi Quest gives you five ways to create useful new patches sound without having to know anything about audio programming. You can also use Midi Quest's complete set of editors to either build a new sound from scratch or modify an existing. Midi Quest's sound tools that will help you take your music to new heights!

Midi Quest 9 gives you an unparalleled value. With Midi Quest you will also receive valuable extra bonuses that you can not find anywhere else, like a hearty collection of over 70 000 general sound of the different instruments that are supported. These patches are ready converted to Sound Quest's file format and organized in libraries.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen