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SOUNDCRAFT SPIRIT Live 16 ch Begagnad SOUNDCRAFT SPIRIT Live 16 ch Begagnad SOUNDCRAFT SPIRIT Live 16 ch Begagnad

SOUNDCRAFT SPIRIT Live 16 ch Begagnad

3 590 kr
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3-4 dagars lev.tid
3-4 dagars lev.tid
3-4 dagars lev.tid

Soundcraft Spirit Live 4  16 channel
Analog Mixer  Begagnad!  I ALUMINIUM CASE 

SoundCraft är kvalité!  Du får en fin, analog mixer för en liten slant. 

Mixern är genomgången och det enda som inte funkar är Fantom-matning på kanal 11. Kanal 11 fungerar precis som allt annat.  Några knoppar fattas men finns att komplettera på Nätet.   Bruksanvisning finns att ladda ner.  OBS  Finns i Stockholm. Vi frakt till andra delar av landet kontakta oss för fraktkostnad.

Nätdel i original 

Mixing in larger venues requires more than just extra inputs and outputs - you need effective means of controlling the way that signals are routed, along with facilities such as grouping and mutes that make it easy to deal with all those channels. The Spirit Live 42, in frame sizes from 12 to 40 channels, is designed for just these situations.

Soundcraft's UltraMic Plus preamp give a 66dB gain range, making it capable of handling a wide range of input signals. The EQ on mono channels is a 4-band configuration with two swept mids, with six aux sends. It has full mute group facilities with four mute groups controlled from the master section.

All mono inputs also feature pre-fade listen, 100mm linear faders, insert points, direct channel outputs, individually switchable +48V phantom power, phase reverse, EQ in/out switching and a hi-pass filter. The stereo inputs - two on every 12-channel frame, four on other frame sizes - feature shelving 2-band EQ and six aux sends.

In the group section, all four groups have 100mm linear faders, insert points, and individual output jacks. The six auxiliary master sends have their own rotary level controls with four stereo returns. Metering is via six 12-segment bargraphs.

It also has a 10x2 matrix in the master section, making it easier to deal with multi-speaker systems in theatre sound reinforcement. The main stereo XLR outputs are ground compensated with insert points and a separate mono output is available to feed a centre speaker cluster.


¥ Sound installations where 4 busses are required

¥ Club or venue installation

¥ FOH band console

¥ Houses of Worship

¥ Theatre sound

¥ PA hire

Key Features:

¥ 12, 16, 24, 32 and 40 channel frame sizes

¥ 4 mute groups

¥ Additional outputs on 6 x 2 matrix

¥ 2 or 4 additional stereo inputs

¥ Phase reverse on mono inputs

¥ 18dB/octave high-pass filter

¥ 6 aux send, 4 of them pre-post switchable

¥ 4 stereo returns



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