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Melodyne Assistant

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leverans 48 timmar
leverans 48 timmar

Melodyne Asistant. Nedladdning. Du får koder och länkar efter betalning. Det kan ta upp till 48 timmar

Like Melodyne editor – only without DNA Direct Note Access

Melodyne assistant is very similar to the larger Melodyne editor: the same comfortable user interface, the same tools, the same sound quality, the same smooth integration.


As the second largest single-track edition of Melodyne, Melodyne assistant lacks only DNA Direct Note Access; in other words, it does not permit you to edit individual notes in polyphonic audio material. Unlike the smaller Melodyne essential, however, Melodyne assistant offers the complete Melodyne tool-box for melodic and rhythmic material.


Melodyne assistant is the right choice if you never edit polyphonic material but want the full range of functions for melodic and rhythmic material that Melodyne's award-winning technology affords.




Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen