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RipX DAW PRO comes with all of the features of RipX DAW, and then adds advanced stem clean-up and audio manipulation tools to the workflow so you can create the highest quality extracted audio, and tweak / create sound at unprecedented levels of detail. Think of it like a built-in Izotope RX suite.

RipX DAW PRO adds the following features and much more:

  • Award-winning Audioshop® tools for fixing and cleaning up recordings quickly and easily
  • Unpitched audio editor for cleaning up noise separately from pitched sounds
  • The powerful and unique Harmonic Editor for the ultimate in sound editing
  • RipScript scripting language for building and customizing your own tools

Experience unprecedented control over notes, harmonics and unpitched sound, all in a powerful and easy-to-use click & drag interface.

    RipX PRO DAW includes the world’s leading audio separation and in-the-mix note & chord editor technology. It’s possible to break down and customize output from AI Music Generators with integrated access to a leading service. Additionally, record using a MIDI/MPE/laptop keyboard, or microphone/audio input, laying down sounds extracted from existing audio, or the built-in library. A wide range of single-click automated effects are included, allowing for plenty of experimentation   VIDEO KLICKA HÄR

    Our Technology & Features

     Audio is stored in Hit’n’Mix’s revolutionary Rip format, a giant step up from   waveforms, enabling full control over all aspects of sound.

     For example, you can mix your favorite parts together and have fun   experimenting with different tempos, effects, pitches and keys/scales. You can   time-stretch, and adjust the stereo panning (including on mono tracks),   volume, and EQ.  Even create loops and edit them during playback to create   new music in real-time.

     Copy and paste parts from one track to another, with tempo automatically   matched.

     Additionally, Ripx Pro Audio includes tools for producing even higher quality   separated audio, such as the Harmonic EditorUnpitched Sound Editor,   and Noise Removal.

     Experience unprecedented access to – and control over – the notes,   harmonics, unpitched sound and other core components of audio, such   as amplitude, frequency and phase. All in a powerful but easy-to-use click &   drag interface.
    Apply powerful built-in live effects ranging from Reverse to Delay to 
    VibratoAdd Harmony to thicken out a vocal, Shift Formant to change the characteristics or apply a Low/High Pass filter for a different atmosphere.

    To help get the right notes & chords, you can set the musical scale or key of the track – or click Detect and let RipX work it out for you. Notes will snap to the pitches that are part of the scale as you change their pitch by clicking and dragging up/down.

    Turn on Auto Pitch To Scale and RipX automatically fits notes to the scale, whilst keeping it sounding natural.

    Live audio repair and clean-up features for removing background noise, limiting foreground artifacts, reducing tones & hum, and purifying pitched and unpitched sounds. Adjust overtone levels in notes and even regenerate fundamental harmonics, to bring back bass presence in vocals and instruments, lost during mixing & mastering.

    The Randomize effect means you can set up a loop and hear sections of music played back in different scales – find the one that you like be

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    For Music Producers For Pro Remixers & DJs For Sound Designers  For Audio Post Professionals 
    For Songwriters   
    For Students & Educators


    Additionally, Ripx Daw includes tools for producing even higher quality separated audio, such as the Harmonic EditorUnpitched Sound Editor, and Noise Removal.

    Experience unprecedented access to – and control over – the notes, harmonics, unpitched sound and other core components of audio, such as amplitude, frequency and phase. All in a powerful but easy-to-use click & drag interface.


    System Requirements

    macOS 10.12+ (2012 & later models, including M1/M2) / Windows 7/8/10/11 (64-bit)
    Minimum: 2 Core 2.5GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM, 20 GB Free Disc SpaceRecommended: 4+ Core CPU / Apple Silicon M1/M2, 16+ GB RAM, 20 GB Free Disc Space

    For Much Faster Ripping Speeds on Windows 10/11NVIDIA GeForce 1070/1080/1080Ti/2070/2080/2080Ti/3070/3080/3090/40XX with 16 GB RAM and NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 11.0 installed (free download)

    In order to check for a valid license, an internet connection is required to activate RipX for the first time, and at least once every 15 times it is run. If you work in a post production environment or similar and do not have access to an internet connection, please contact us regarding offline activation. RipX may be installed on up to two computers belonging to the registered license owner, for example a desktop and a laptop.



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