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Dorico Crossgrade Dorico Crossgrade Dorico Crossgrade Dorico Crossgrade Dorico Crossgrade

Dorico Crossgrade

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Dorico V.3 Crossgrade

Dorico is the next-generation scoring application from Steinberg, with a whole new way of working with music notation. Built from the ground up by musicians for musicians, Dorico is like having an intelligent assistant by your side. Dorico’s output is the equal of the finest music engraving, and brings music to life through Steinberg’s award-winning audio engine.






Dorico’s workflows are divided into five distinct modes — Setup, Write, Engrave, Play and Print — that are all one mouse tap away from the toolbar, and can be freely changed at any time. Collapsible panels to the left, right and bottom of the window provide instant access to each mode’s features, and can be hidden with a single click or key command to show as much music as possible on your display.

Efficient window management

Open as many windows onto the same project as you like: keep one in Write mode to allow continued input and editing, and another in Play mode to allow easy tweaking of playback, or switch back and forth within the same window with a single click. Switch between tabs for the conductor’s score and instrumental parts, or split the window horizontally or vertically to allow you to work on both at the same time. Dorico provides the environment to allow you to do your best work, and then gets out of your way

Effortless score and part preparation

Naturally, Dorico allows you to originate both the conductor’s score and parts for individual players from the flows of music in your project as individual layouts. Changes made to the music in one layout are automatically reflected in any others in which that music appears, while allowing complete independence in terms of page and system appearance between every layout.











Flexible input and editing

Inputting music in Dorico is fast and easy. Use your keyboard or mouse to input notes, and learn easy to remember key commands, or define your own, allowing you to fly through note input faster than ever before. Dorico has the flexibility to notate every note according to the changing musical context using its sophisticated understanding of the rules of meter, ensuring that the rhythm is always clearly communicated, even as notes are lengthened, shortened, inserted or removed.


Great-sounding content

To make your projects sound incredible, Dorico includes the complete HALion Symphonic Orchestra library and more than 1,300 production-ready sounds from HALion Sonic SE 2. HSO includes more than 100 patches and combinations, including strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments with dozens of different playing techniques, covering all common articulations and bowings in unrivaled expressiveness and full dynamic range.

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Mac OS X


Mac OS X 10.11, El Capitan or

macOS Sierra

64-bit Windows 10

Intel or AMD dual core CPU

8 GB RAM recommended (4 GB minimum)

12 GB free storage space

DVD-ROM drive for software installation using included optical media. Not needed if download version was purchased.

OS-compatible audio hardware

Internet connection required for activation, account setup and personal product registration. Additional downloads may be required for installation.

Har du Sibelius fullversion eller Finale kan du köpa Dorico till nedsatt pris.



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