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ADpak Black Velvet ADpak Black Velvet ADpak Black Velvet

ADpak Black Velvet

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OBS! Detta är en expansionsprodukt till Addictive Drums!

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ADpak Black Velvet - Loud, Large and Luxurious

Från XLN Audio
-DW Collector's Series 6-piece drum kit
-Fine selection of Zildjian cymbals
-Large, epic sound that sits in the mix
-Mix-ready presets and live MIDI beats



The Black Velvet ADpak is the sound you always wished you could afford! A modern classic dressed in black captured with a large, epic sound. Created with the grunge/post-grunge era in mind, with roots in alternative rock transcending to an expensive arena rock-band sound, this takes you on a journey from Seattle to LA. This ADpak is made with the highest demands on everything throughout the whole recording chain, capturing the unmistakable raw attitude in a luxurious package.

The included presets covers different clean setups to gritty alternative rock and grunge to slick, expensive and larger-than-life grandness. Black Velvet offers an almost unreal diversity - go from a tight, fat and controlled sound to unleashing some kind of monster by just pushing the room fader! Simply put, it’s epic!

Klicka här för att se en video om ADpak Black Velvet på Youtube!


The Recording

The Black Velvet ADpak was divided in two recording sessions: The drums were recorded in a large studio with a gymnasium hall sized recording room, and the hi-hats and cymbals in a smaller damped space. This is a well-known technique in modern drum recordings, giving great control over the ambience. Both the kit and the cymbals were recorded with a vast selection of vintage and modern microphones in a great variety of setups and distances, capturing the richness and raw attitude of the drums in the massive room and the silky tight top-end of the cymbals and hi-hats – a combination that offers great variety for sculpting a high-end sound.

The Kit

The featured kit is a DW Collector’s Series, the flagship line of DW’s Custom Drums and a modern classic! The Black Velvet setup is a six-piece kit, perfectly  matched with a fine selection of Zildjian cymbals and hi-hats, easy to configure in Addictive Drums according to style, sound and needs. The drums have a warm and crisp character with the perfect amount of grit and a well defined low-end. Tuned to make the massive recording room a perfect compliment and to give the overall sound a raw yet controlled and rich sound. The focus on the cymbals and hi-hats was, by placing them in a tight damped room, a more controlled approach resulting in a smooth and tight top-end in contrast to the low-end and big space in the drums.

Kit piece info

Kick DW Collector’s Series 22x18”
Snare DW Collector’s Series 14x5”
Hi Hats Zildjian K 13”, 

Zildjian A Custom 14”
Toms DW Collector’s Series, 

Cymbals Splashes: Zildjian A Custom 8” + Zildjian A Custom 10” 
Crashes: Zildjian A Custom Crash 16” + Zildjian A Custom Projection Crash 18” 
Chinas: Zildjian FX Oriental China 18” + Zildjian A Custom China 20” 
Ride: Zildjian K 22”
Xtra LP Tribell

The Features

A great feature in the Black Velvet ADpak is the ability to creatively control the ambience sound. The recording was divided in two sessions where the drums were recorded in a gymnasium hall sized recording room and the hi-hat and cymbals in a smaller and damped recording room. By altering a few settings or loading presets you can go from tight-and-fat to loud-and-large fast and easy. Automate the settings for a close and tight kit in the verse and gigantic sound in the chorus.

The Xtra slot features a LP Tribell - a percussion instrument with three different sized cowbells in one.

Presets & Beats

The Black Velvet ADpak includes 40 producer presets covering many different styles. From clean startup presets for sculpting and tweaking to production ready sounds, from tight and fat, loud and large to experimental and industrial. The beats in the ADpak is a selection of 8 beats from the Loud Beats & Songs MIDI Pak.

System Requirements

The Black Velvet ADpak requires Addictive Drums version 1.5.6 (RTAS 1.5.2c) or later. This ADpak and the AD update is only available through the Online Installer. ( OS X 10.5 or later is required for Mac users.



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