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Blues Guitar Legends

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Blues Guitar Legends

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Learn how to play classic blues songs from the masters themselves! Blues Guitar Legends can be enjoyed by guitar players of all skill levels. Simplified chord versions of the songs are ideal for beginners, while experienced players can learn note-for-note from the full transcriptions of both lead and rhythm parts. The animated fretboard shows you the fingerings in real-time, so you don't need to read music. Original recordings and variable-speed MIDI tracks let you learn at the tempo you choose. Looping lets you select and repeat tricky sections of a song.

Full and Simplified Versions of Each Song: Learn to play the song note-for-note or choose the simplified chord version for beginners! Additional MIDI tracks for each version allow you to adjust song tempo to your skill level. Looping feature allows you to highlight and play only a selected portion of the song.

Enhanced CD-ROM: As an enhanced CD-ROM, Blues Guitar Legends can be played either on an audio CD player or on your computer.

Playing Tips: Instructional material presents the chords and tips needed to master the song and also helps you emulate the tone and technique of the blues guitar greats.

Animated Fretboard: Watch the fretboard come alive with real-time display of notes, including bends, vibrato and slides! Includes both right- and left-handed views from both the perspective of looking down at your guitar and across at an instructor’s guitar.

Automatic Tuner: Visually tune your electric or acoustic guitar by playing into a computer microphone. Includes custom tunings for specific songs when needed. Also provides audio reference notes for each string.

Metronome: Allows you to set your own tempo and work on your picking speed, rhythm and timing. Provides both visual cue and/or audio tick. Full range of tempi, from largo to presto.

Recorder: Record and play yourself back! This feature allows you to compare your recordings with the originals, fine tune your skills and store musical ideas.

Minimum System Requirements
Dual Windows/Macintosh CD-ROM

Windows, Pentium PC, Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / Me / XP, 16 MB free RAM

Macintosh, Power PC, System 7.5.3 or later, 16 MB free RAM



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