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Old School BreakBeats

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Oldschool Breakbeats contains a fresh set of funky drum loops in the style often sampled from 60's and 70's records for use in modern music, yet without needing any copyright clearance. Idealy suited for use in Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Drum and Bass, Electronica or any genre where breaks are looped, layered or manipulated.

Listen to a demo here!

Tight and punchy drum loops for your projects

Sliced loops with perfected regions for use in Slicex that sound natural at any tempo and swing setting and unsliced loops for use directly in the playlist as audio clips.

Light compression means you can apply as much or as little additional processing to the loops in your own projects as you like.

Load the corresponding FL Studio projects to edit the drum patterns or adjust the mix of the source material to your specific needs.

Created with layered FPC kits for realism.

Note: To load the FL Studio project files or FPC preset files you need to download all the free FPC sample content via the FL Studio content library. Use a releasing volume envelope in Slicex for drum hits to decay naturally at faster tempos.

FL Studio Performance mode using Oldschool Breakbeats

Check out how this Oldschool Breakbeats content is used together with the new FL Studio performance mode.






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