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We are a company that specialized in the tools a musician can use today. Computer, printer, MIDI instruments, sound cards, software programs, as axon-Guitar to MIDI, are some of the components that make up the modern music or multimedia systems. Sweden MIDI Music AB has everything for the learning and creative musician.

Today's sound card has a sound quality that allows the home recording and making of music for commercial release. Sweden MIDI Music's clientele houses including professional musicians, music teachers, choir director, choir, kantorer, arrangers, composers, band, dance band, amateur musicians, music schools, arts schools, secondary and high schools, kindergarten music, etc. Anyone who sings, plays, composes, or want to learn to use music and above all joy of our products.

Sweden MIDI Music, has everything you need to create and manage music on the computer, hardware and software for notation, ear training, learn to play music, scan music, edit music, music training, mastering, synchronization of different devices, axon-guitar to midi - to name some!

Sweden MIDI Music was founded in 1986 and is the distributor for several well-known manufacturers: MakeMusic, Mark Of The Unicorn, Terratec, Bias Inc, Musitek, G-vox, to name but a few. This means that we can offer the best selection of software and interface for both PCs and MACs.

Desk Top Music Publishing, ie. advanced notation by computer, is something we have specialized in and where we have built up a very good skills. Finale, Sibelius, Encore Opus and Music Time are some of the programs used for this purpose. Sweden MIDI Music can deliver complete systems. In addition, we provide support, just as important today when many may be reluctant to technology.

How do I become a distributor for Sweden Midi Music AB?
Download the Reseller application and fill in the detail. Then you can fax it at 08-564 34 994 or mail it to, and we'll contact you promptly.


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