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Garritan World Instruments

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Garritan World Instruments Collection

A complete world instruments collection  BOX med DvD
The world instruments library contains hundreds of high8quality instruments from all corners of the globe. Garritan World Instruments offers more ethnic instruments than any other single library. You can build instrument groupings exactly as you wish. If lets you create solos, various sections and groupings, Ewe ensembles, Taiko ensembles, drumming circles, oriental orchestras, or any group of your choosing.
No sampler required
The entire World Instruments library is integrated into the ARIA Player and works as a virtual instrument. There is no need to purchase a separate sampler.
Intuitive controls
The controls in Garritan World Instruments are streamlined and standardized, so that you can quickly become familiar with the library. Advanced functions such as auto8legato, playable tremolos, alternation, tongue/slur, and other controls provide
realistic results with minimal effort.
Universal format
Garritan World Instruments support all popular formats, both on Mac and PC, as a standalone program or as a plugin (VST, RTAS, and OS X Audio Units), and works with supported notation programs. Garritan World Instruments can transform your computer into an ethnomusicologist’s dream.
World tunings
A unique feature of the Garritan World Instruments is its support for Scala files to adjust to different temperaments and tunings. While many ethnic sample libraries are equal temperament, based on Western tuning. Garritan World Instruments
supports Scala, a standard file format for musical tunings that supports hundreds of different scales. With Scala support, musicians can play an instrument
in its native form.


Chinese Orchestra "Guilin"    

Bollywood Techno

System requirements
3 GB of free hard disk space.
DVD drive required for installation.
PC: Windows® 7, Vista® or XP®, Core Duo CPU or better.
Macintosh®: OS 10.5 or higher, Core Duo Mac Intel or better.
Hard drive speed of at least 5400 RPM.
A sound card compatible with ASIO (PC) or Core Audio (Mac).
A MIDI or USB interface may be required if using an
electronic keyboard. A full8size keyboard with Mod
Wheel and assignable controllers is highly recommended.
To play large ethnic ensembles, we recommend 2 GB of RAM or more.
Kora, Domu, Begana, Mijwiz 1, Mijwiz 2, Arghul,
Ewe drum collection, Udu drums, Doun Doun
drums, Talking drums, Djembe, Mbira, Log drums,
Balafon, and many other African instruments.
Erhu, Guzheng, Pipa, Yuequin, Bawu, Di-Zi,
Guanzi, Hulusi, Sheng, Suona, Xiao, Bo, Darangu
Lion Drum, Bianzhong, Temple bells & blocks,
Chinese gongs & cymbals, and various other
Chinese instruments.
Sitar, Sarangi, Tambura, Electric Sitar, Small
Zheng, Yuequin, Bansuris, Pungi Snake Charmer,
Shenai, Indian Whistle, Harmonium, Tablas, Da!i,
Damroo, Chimtas, Dhol, Manjeera, Mridangam,
Naal, Pakhawaj, Tamte, Tasha, Tavil, and many
other Indian instruments.
Taiko Drum collection, Koto, Shakuhachi,
Hichiriki, Sanshin, Shamisen, Knotweed Flute,
Okedo, Tebyoshi, Tsuzumi and other Japanese
Other Asian Regions:
Jobi Baba, Piri, Gopichand, Dan Tranh, Dan Ty
Ba,Tangku Drum, Madal, Luo & Thai Gongs,
Gedul, and more.
Celtic & Wire Strung Harps, Mandolins, Zitter,
Collection of Recorders, Irish and other whistles,
FDouble Flutes, Overtone Flutes, Sideblown
Flutes, Folk Flutes, Chanters and Bagpipes,
Bodran, Hang drum, Jews harps, accordions,
Alphorn and many other European instruments.
Middle East:
Oud, Santoor, Duduk, Maqrunah, Du", Dumbek,
Darabuka, Riqq, Zarb, Zills and other Middle
Eastern instruments.
North America:
Banjo, Dulcimer, Zither, Washtub Bass, Native
Flute, Fife, Bottle Blows, Slide Whistle, Powwow
drum, Bu"alo drum, Cherokee drum, Pueblo
drum, Log drum, Washboard, Harmonicas
and more.
Latin America:
South American & Veracruz Harps, Guitarron,
Quena, Tarka, Panpipes, Ocarinas, Steel Drums,
Bandoneon, Berimbau, Bombo, Rain Stick,
and an extensive Latin Percussion collection.
Oceania & Australia:
Complete Jave & Bali Gamelan collections,
Sulings, Ukeleles, Hawaiian Nose Flute, Ipu,
Hawaiian percussion and more.


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