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Liquid Rythm Serial Download

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LIQUID RYTHM INTRO rytmgenerator  Download

Du får. efter betalning, kod och länk för att ladda ner och registrera ditt Liquid Rhythm.  Obs. du måste ha Internet för att registrera.

Skapa rytmer snabbt!

Liquid Rhythm är en ny, innoativ rythmgenerator som ger dig tillgång till att bygga upp rytmer från tio biljarder rytmiska mönster, importera MIDI-spår eller använda de inbyggda rytmlooparna iLiquid Rhythm. 
Ett inspirerande sätt att skapa rytmer på.  .

  • Develop musical ideas by instantly inserting and swapping bar-long rhythm patterns.

  • Create beats fast by painting groups of notes directly onto the arranger.
  • Humanize the velocity and groove of multiple notes simultaneously based on their underlying color-patterns.
  • Generate musically-informed rhythm patterns from a customizable palette.
  • Create tom fills and multi-instrument percussion patterns.
  • Integrate Liquid Rhythm into your workflow as VST, AU or RTAS plugin.

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Ableton Live Clips Plugin
Liquid Rhythm features an exciting new seamless integration system for Ableton Live users working with Ableton Live clips.

Accent Modifiers
Adjust the velocity and groove of multiple notes simultaneously according to the Music Molecule’s colour-coded accent patterns.

BeatBuilder: Barform List
Build beats from palettes of rhythm patterns. Rapidly populate an unlimited number of bars with the your beat of choice.

BeatBuilder: BeatForm Sequencer
 Create patterns using individual notes or clusters of notes. Instantly switch to a shuffle, double-time, or half-time feel.

BeatForm Shifter
Nudge entire groups of notes over as many time as you want and hear their placements in different points in time.

An intelligent algorithm that highlights the most commonly occurring patterns for the instrument you are working on.

BeatWeaver Rhythm Synthesizer
Create and remix drum tracks by exploring an extensive list of pattern variations across a bar of music.

BeatForm Tumbler
Target any part of a beat and make four-bar loops more musical without spending countless hours manually moving notes.

Instantly rearrange groups of notes by switching their underlying accent patterns. Use it to discover and explore new musical ideas.

In-Line Editing
Ditch the piano roll – now you can edit MIDI notes directly in the Arranger panel. Music Molecules are updated in real-time around your note edits.

Media Library
Start producing immediately with our library of percussive samples, drum kits, and loops, or import custom samples.

Create or modify rhythm patterns in dozens of ways. Generate random results to help humanize your beat or split beats between different tracks.

The Music Molecule
Create and manipulate music like never before using WaveDNA's new revolutionary representation of MIDI

Integrate Liquid Rhythm directly into many different kinds of workflows by running it as a plugin or standalone

To learn more follow this link to our Video, Documentation, and Research and Technology page.

Intervju med Madeleine Bloom kan du läsa HÄR

Liquid Rhythm’s powerful MIDI sequencing and editing tools can be used to create and remix MIDI patterns directly in Ableton Live clips. Watch the video below for a complete overview.

Se Video


- Speed up the creation of rhythm tracks in Ableton Live clips.
- Integrate with Ableton Drum Racks.
- Create and remix MIDI patterns in Ableton Live clips.
- Implement your rhythmic ideas into the MIDI clip piano roll instantly.
- Build beats entire bars at a time.
- Use your own samples to create truly original beats.
- Experiment with variations and alternatives to your drum patterns, all in real-time.
- See relationships between notes in your MIDI clips with Liquid Rhythm’s Music Molecule MIDI visualization technology.

This integration is only available when using Liquid Rhythm with Max4Live in Ableton Live 9 Suite. Additionally, Max for Live 5 is required for Ableton Live Clips Editing.


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