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Singing f. Dummies Dlx. MAC DL

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eMedia Singing For Dummies Deluxe includes both eMedia Singing For Dummies and eMedia Singing For Dummies Level 2 together as one complete suite of singing lesson software for a great low price. Learn how to sing at home at your own pace. Professional singer and voice teacher Ory Brown, M.M., provides over 170 lessons to teach beginning voice students how to sing and others how to sing better. Her over 25 years of teaching and performance experience includes appearances at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and on the Late Show with David Letterman.

These easy-to-follow, interactive voice lessons help you learn how to sing in tune, enunciate lyrics, sing from your diaphragm, and understand the physical and musical aspects needed to improve your singing voice. Interactive Feedback technology listens to you sing using the computer microphone and lets you see if you are singing a note in tune. Performance Evaluation tracks the pitch and rhythm as you sing an entire piece. Color-coded notes show where you sang flat, sharp, or in tune, and the performance is given an overall score to make it easy to see your progress. Vocal exercises and songs are included for both male and female voices, in both high and low ranges. You get professional singing tips and learn how to sing over 75 great songs in multiple styles, including hits from Diana Ross and John Lennon.


Features include:

  • Singing lesson software with over 170 interactive vocal excercises that teach you how to sing in tune, sing higher, breathe, support your voice, improve vocal tone, sing long notes, understand chest/head/mixed voice, and how to sing with more expression (vocal vibrato, messa di voce, etc.).
  • Separate male and female tracks, each with selectable high and low recordings to match the student’s vocal range.
  • Performance Evaluation that shows where you sang flat, sharp, or in tune, and grades your performance (including rhythms) for an entire piece.
  • Interactive Feedback technology that listens to your singing via the computer microphone and then shows you the notes you’re singing on screen in notation. Color coded notes display whether you’re singing flat or sharp, and an arrow shows whether you need to sing higher or lower.
  • Great songs in a variety of styles, including “Imagine” by John Lennon, ”Dancing in the Street,” and “Stop! In the Name of Love,” made famous by Diana Ross and the Supremes, the opera classic “L’ho Perduta (the Marriage of Figaro),” plus standards such as “Midnight Special” made famous by Creedence Clearwater Revival.
  • Lessons and songs with audio and variable-speed MIDI tracks where selections can be looped, slowed, or sped up.
  • Over 30 videos and animations teach you about your voice, proper technique and the sound produced by your body.
  • Vocal warmups, exercises, and singing tips to keep you singing your best and avoid straining your voice.
  • Professionally arranged live piano accompaniments that make learning how to sing more engaging.
  • Includes a digital metronome to help your sense of rhythm and an audio recorder so you can hear yourself sing and track your progress.

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